• 5.12.15

    The Nature of Collaboration with Todd Selby

    Collaborations, like the one between Dutch stroller company Bugaboo and Diesel Industries, are about ideas coming together to create something larger and more inclusive. Each brings their own elements, building off the other, to create something they couldn’t create alone. When Todd Selby was commissioned to do a lifestyle shoot showing the Bugagboo x Diesel collaborative project in context, he teamed up with his own friends Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock, along with their son Lucien and their pug Roscoe.

    Todd has known Jeff and Lisa for years and those built-in relationships made the shoot not only easier, but richer. “I always try to make my subjects really comfortable but in the case that they’ve actually known me for years, that’s totally chill because it’s more like me hanging out with them,” says Todd. That certainly doesn’t happen most of the time, but, as Todd says, “It’s cool when that can be the case.”

    The whole shoot took place in and around Jeff and Lisa’s new apartment in Brooklyn, allowing the images to be filled with authenticity. Since these are actual parents using the actual product in their actual home, we get a glimpse at how easily it fits into real lives. Even though Todd and the family go way back, it was his first time visiting their new spot. “It’s a brownstone and they have tricked it out,” Todd says. “They have a really funny sense of humor. They like graphic, cool things and some nice collections of colorful objects. So it was great.” Todd has always related to bold and graphic design, and that’s exactly how Jeff and Lisa have filled their home.

    The highlight of the shoot was a series of images from when Lucien and Roscoe shared an impromptu meal on Lucien’s highchair. Initially they set up the shot just to have Lucien eating his own food, but Roscoe had another idea. “Lucien was eating and then Roscoe just went for it,” says Todd. “And I just love that Lucien loved it. It was his buddy and they were chowing down together and it was a really cute, funny moment.” When collaborations truly work, each collaborator adds their own spin to the project, offering elements and surprises to benefit the whole project. The relationships that Todd had built with this family allowed for images that were more intimate and personal, with a handful of surprises.

    Also check out some images from Todd's last shoot with Bugaboo featuring Sean MacPherson and Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, founder of Guest of a Guest and their children Maxwell and Dashiell, photographed in in their home and around the West Village.

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