• 9.3.14

    The Multidisciplinary Oasis of Zach Gold and Shotopop

    The skyline of Las Vegas traces its own reputation of luxury and vice. Indulgence meets excess in the city that keeps your secrets. The whole city is a bustling economy built into the middle of the desert, a true man made city. It is an oasis, an escape from the desolation around itself, designed by the architects of extravagance.

    The latest addition to the human island in the sea of sand is the Delano, a resort built upon foundations of dunes and the openness of the flat lands around it. Rather than shrugging off the desert surrounding as a liability, the Delano uses its heritage as a jumping off point, bathing itself in the stripped down aesthetic. To capture this internal contrast the hotel tapped photographer Zach Gold and animation studio Shotopop, both Bernstein & Andriulli Artists, to combine their talents into the perfect communication of the new standard the Delano bears.

    The Delano presents the impossible: plush luxury placed in the middle of an unfriendly environment. But it thrives anyway. To present this impossibility is to play off the expectations and assumptions of the viewer. The intimacy that Zach Gold’s print campaign exposes between the two subjects in the film is curious, effortless, and quiet. The intensity is internal, and close.

    In Shotopop’s video, the bare landscapes of the sand flats reflect off 3D renderings of explosive geometry. Textures mirror from CGI to practical furniture finding consistency in theme and variation in tone. It is a marriage of the impossible and possible, like elegance in the desert. It is the playful geometry of the unshapable. Shotopop’s animation explores the greater strokes, the energy that moves beyond the tangible self into the extracorporeal experience. They combine 2D and 3D animation, bending reality and moving beyond our preconceived limits.

    The combination of these two mediums communicates an understanding and experience that could not be managed alone.

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