• 8.20.13

    The Making of Shotopop's Cutouts for Fetzer Wines

    Fetzer Wines showcased Shotopop's cutout skills for its Crimson & Quartz (red and white) advertisements. Casper Franken, Carin Standford, and their team worked from Cali-based Formium's concept to develop the design and to film the process once they started.

    "We took all of the different steps that we had in the sketch, pulled them apart, and made them into objects that we printed out on specific colors," Franken explained. "Then, we meticulously cut out every single piece, and constructed the whole thing – raising the pieces off of each other using little bits of foam board and glue. At the end, we lifted it on its side for photography."

    Shotopop created a pair of intricate ads: one Rock & Roll-themed and another for "Craft & Soul." According to Franken, this type of project typically takes three weeks to complete.

    See how it all came together in this making-of video.

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