• 10.3.19

    The Illustrators of B&A Find TIME for Climate Change

    For the special edition of their Climate Issue, TIME Magazine tapped illustrator David Doran to reimagine the world as we know it, in a series of sketchbook drawings that depict the future in a sustainable light. Drawing inspiration from the classic sketchbook images shared on his Instagram, David created a future we can thrive in. In the same issue, illustrator Jing Zhang created infographics to showcase how and why our Earth is as far along as it’s proven to be.

    “It was really nice to see how my sketchbook pages had been seen and adapted to this concept. The concept was actually built around my sketchbook pages where I’m often onsight, on-location drawing what's in front of me. But instead of drawing reality, we were using the sketches almost as a portal into a really idealistic future reality. Looking at how we can make these changes in society for the future we want to have for everyone,” explained the illustrator. “In general, there's a grim sense to someone’s process when you do show sketchbook pages and how it develops to the final stage. But in this project, it was really nice to take that format and treat that as the final product in itself. The combination of having the photographs in the background ties it all together in a personable, human way.”

    Although David’s signature aesthetic includes vivid colors and defined shapes, the work that goes into his sketchbook remains raw, colored in only black and white. For this project, the sketches were the final result. David illustrated a future our world could be headed for, shown in the article for TIME against a backdrop of how it looks current day, in today’s society. 

     “I pitched ideas before making the sketches, so we kind of ironed out the ideas. In terms of the details, I think that was a level of confidence in my sketchbook pages. I think emphasizing on that juxtaposition, having the pollution in the background and the fumes of smoke kind of contrasted the fresh lake and people on the boats, using energy in a very natural way,” explained David. “The whole project was really collaborated; it was a really nice chance to work on a project like this. When we went back and forth with the photograph options, we really just wanted to communicate the concept as strongly as possible so you have that real contrast of the background and the industry and pollution and meat and all these kind of things in a very extreme way that quite drastically contrasted with the sketchbook drawings.”

    For her latest endeavor with TIME magazine, illustrator Jing Zhang was asked to reimagine the maps of the 7 continents of planet Earth, highlighting their unique climate issues. Jing's informational depictions show that the climate fight remains the consuming battle of our age, but its most intense phase may be in our rearview mirror. Jing's precise infographics give viewers the opportunity to look back to see how we might have managed to dramatically change our society and economy.

    Both projects contribute to Time Magazine’s mission to make this Issue of Climate Change a midpoint in their coverage of the biggest crisis facing our planet.

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