• 6.5.15

    The Delight is in the Details for Mark Hunter

    Mark Hunter’s ongoing relationship with Wildfox is no accident. Every shoot has grown with them hand in hand. Mark works off what the brand is up to, and Mark’s style allows the human elements of the brand to shine through in their high concept ideas. “We always try to push the boundaries of the concept of the shoot. And pay attention to the smallest little details,” explains Mark. “It was supposed to be a Hamptons house during Summer with these girls who are vacationing. And we brought in sand to sprinkle around the bathtub to make it look like they’ve just come from the beach.” Those little details ground the images in a visual truth that is slightly different from reality. In fact, the whole project was shot in Pasadena, California. But it was little details like a handful of sand that made the concept feel true and natural.

    Once Wildfox comes up with their idea for the season’s shoot, it’s up to Mark to execute them. A carefree weekend on the Hamptons is not an easy task on a set with high fashion models. But Mark’s personality and shooting style makes it possible. “These are traditional fashion models, but with the way that I capture them they feel really personable. You want to be hanging out with them. You feel like they’re your best friends,” he says. “These models are used to really intense European fashion modeling, with photographers that yell and scream. I’m the exact opposite of that. So I want to be as chill and as friendly with them as possible.” By reaching out to his models personally, Mark creates an atmosphere that allows them to relax, and then the viewers can find a way to connect with them.

    The atmosphere that Mark creates makes room for an experimental and safe play space where the models can just be themselves and explore. They can take risks. And that makes it possible for Mark to capture images that otherwise would never present themselves. “It was really fun shooting the girls on bikes,” he says. “I think there’s something just so free spirited about girls riding on bikes. And they both sort of struggling which was even more awesome. It’s those little moments where you really see their true spirit and a real genuine smile.”

    For Mark, the development of each particular shoot is as important as their multi year relationship. Each piece must be crafted carefully to fit into the larger brand story. “Every shoot we’re getting something a little bit different but still staying true to their brand.” Every time they work together they reach a little further, and make choices that are bolder, fuller, and richer. But, as Mark points out, they never lose sight of the small stuff. And we all know the delight is in the details.

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