• 6.19.14

    Tes One and Martin Sati help McDonalds take a bite out of the World Cup

    You might be only be reading these words between World Cup goals. If you’ve been glued to your television this week like the rest of the world, you might have noticed that McDonalds is all over this thing, trying to remind you that soccer and burgers go together like fried potatoes and salt.

    Whether it’s the ads on TV, the 1,408 children from 69 countries escorting players onto the pitch, or nationally themed burgers (unfortunately available only in Australia), McDonald’s has worked to add a personal, and integrated presence to the competition.

    One of the most personal, and collectable initiatives from McDonalds is their range of colorful fry boxes, celebrating the teams from twelve countries. 500 artists around the world were considered for the twelve spots, and both Tes One and Martin Sati got chosen to illustrate the boxes themed for the USA and Spain, respectively. Tes One wasn't going to take it lightly, saying, "I hope to rep [the US] well."

    Tes One used the panels on a soccer ball like the frames of a sports photographer. We catch glimpses of the player in action: a ball here, a cleat there, his focused stare, and his arm counterbalancing the flourish. The image represents the universal experience of soccer, with the shapes and movements of any player, that any veiwer would recognize, regardless of nationality. Tes One explains, "I wanted to make a collage of sorts that captured the energy of the game, and felt familiar to not only the players, but also to the fans across the globe."

    Martin Sati, inspired by the natural movement of circles, also caught a player in motion, in the joy of a scored goal. Suspended in fluid movement, the colors, lines, and shapes coalesce into an image of jubilation, surrounded by the energy of a crowd.  Martin starts with a circle because he sees the world, and his experience as being inherently circular. He explains, “I believe and I want to think that all important things in life are circular.” That circular energy compounds on itself, and the result is a super sized expression of triumph that fits squarely on your Medium Fries. “Any soccer fan dreams for four years of celebrating a goal in the World Cup Final with your team, with your friends, with passion. We all want to live that magic moment.” That was the moment that Martin captured.

    These boxes are being distributed throughout the world to millions of McDonald’s customers over the course of the World Cup. It represents a reach that most artists don’t dare dream of. For Martin it wasn’t even a question of whether he should be involved. He said, “How could I refuse something like this?” Tes One concurs saying the project, "was too big of an opportunity to pass up." Lucky for everyone, neither he nor Tes One refused.

    Happy munching.

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