• 9.23.19

    Taylor Rainbolt Jumps Back Into Fall with Forever21

    In her latest campaign with Forever21, photographer Taylor Rainbolt jumps back into Fall with flying colors. 

    “We wanted to have a suburbia vibe, so we shot in the Valley which is the more suburban area of LA. As soon as I got to the location in the morning, I drove around in my truck and took photos of what I thought would make for cool backdrops. We just went for it, very guerilla-style. Sometimes shoots aren’t always planned to the T so I think that part of photography is problem-solving and working with what you have. There was a lot of running around, trying to capture that youthfulness. It’s not always about what you're wearing, it’s about how you wear it.”

    Although most of the shoot took place outside, Taylor prefers to shoot with more than just natural light. “A lot of what I did on this shoot was shaping the sun and making it do what I want it to do to get more of that soft feel other than just the harsh contrasty light. For the studio shoot, I didn’t want it to feel that way. With that model, I relit the space with even lighting. I wanted it to feel more lifestyle and in the moment, more of just me and my friend in the studio. I just put on some music and talked to her and got her to feel more comfortable and confident. That’s just so important to me.”

    Even off set, Taylor finds inspiration for her photoshoots daily. “I like to do everything in-camera as much as possible. I’ve been really into watching classic movies, paying attention to the direction of light in movies and the continuous lighting. I try to practice those new techniques on my set using the same type of aesthetic, so that’s been a big source of creative inspiration for me.”

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