• 12.8.10

    Tatiana Arocha Brings Ornaments to Life for Anthropologie

    Anthropologie gets into the holiday spirit with a short film starring their new ornaments and decorations. Tatiana Arocha brings the ornaments to life using stop-animation in "Trim." Arocha's idea was to create a story that would connect all the ornaments together. For example, a polar bear knocks over a box of fake snow to coat the landscape while two bundled-up dolls make snow angels. She says, "It was a lot of fun to play around and figure out what each ornament was going to do, what its personality was and to create little worlds for them all to live in."

    The film was shot over two days at the Urban Outfitters studio in Philadelphia. One aspect of stop-animation that Arocha appreciates is that it allows for improvisation. While she planned many of the shots, some of the best ideas came together on set. For example, the creation of the word "trim" with a garland of yarn balls was a collaboration between Arocha and Anthropologie's crew.

    Arocha says she was excited about working with Anthropologie because they offered "inspiring creative direction along with the freedom to do something cool." She found herself right at home with the brand's feminine style and appreciation of texture and color.

    "Trim" is currently playing on Anthropologie's website here.

    Client: Anthropologie
    Direction and Animation: Tatiana Arocha
    Director of Photography: Andrew Casey
    Senior Web Art Director: David Chanpong
    Senior Art Director: Simon Lee
    Art Director: Jamie Allison
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