• 12.14.11

    Joachim Ladefoged for A&E

    A&E brings to life the haunting world of Stephen King in an adaptation of the bestselling author's Bag of Bones. The novel tells the story of a writer struggling with the death of his wife and the supernatural happenings in his hometown of Dark Score, Maine. To promote the two-night movie, A&E launched DarkScoreStories.com, an interactive website that features a photo-driven narrative of the troubled town. Joachim Ladefoged captured the images that tell the story of the town.

    Ladefoged's moody black and white photographs represent the work of a photojournalist who visits the town a year before the events of the movie. The website features photo essays on seven prominent residents with captions written in the voice of the photojournalist. Each essay contains just one image that has been given a subtle GIF treatment. The GIFs create an unsettling effect and add haunting clues to the subtext of the scene. In addition to the site, A&E bound Ladefoged's photographs into a coffee table book and sent it out for promotion.

    Ladefoged's photographs are on DarkScoreStories.com now.

    See more of Joachim Ladefoged's photography here.

  • 3.3.10

    Brian Doben Licks Life with Kirstie Alley

    A&E and BLT & Associates worked with Brian Doben on the print campaign and television spots for Kirstie Alley's reality show "Kirstie Alley's Big Life." The 30 second spots show Kirstie enumerating her thoughts on life, love, men, and what else - food. The show follows Kirstie Alley as a single mother raising two teenagers in Hollywood, showcasing her humor and wit as she deals with weight loss and the pursuit of love.

    Be sure to check out the show when it premieres March 21st, 2010 on A&E with two new episodes.

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