• 8.2.13

    Surround Directs AFI's New Music Video

    Universal Records and Californian rockers AFI asked Surround to direct the music video for "I Hope You Suffer," the band's new single following several years without an album release.

    "We've been very interested in manipulating the camera lens to create visuals and design 'in camera,' so for the video, we created and customized an additional optics layer that we attached to the front of the camera," Surround's Brian and Brad Palmer explained in an e-mail. "We used it to control certain areas of the focus. It was like a futuristic hand crafted swing/tilt system. This allowed us to create the mood we were after, while keeping the video minimal and intimate. There's a closeness that you feel when you watch Davey [Havok] sing."

    Surround previously created a five-part film series to reintroduce AFI to listeners. It explored identity, solace, and rebirth through a protagonist who falls into two parallel worlds.

    AFI's forthcoming album "Burials," produced by Gil Norton, drops October 22.

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