• 7.24.14

    Studio JeremyVille lends their playful energy to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM

    The words “Fashion Week” inspire thoughts of glamorous influencers fighting through the lightning strikes of paparazzi flashes, overdressed models and fashion editors with pinched faces. Bucking this image, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM Miami went in a very different direction opting for a lighter and more playful energy around their four days of industry insight. To do so they commissioed Studio JeremyVille to help them with an energetic switch up.

    IMG Fashion approached Studio JeremyVille to create a design that would reflect Miami, the home of the event, that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM could use as a part of their visual identity. JeremyVille and Megan Mair worked together on a piece that was inspired by the aesthetic culture of Miami and would build on what Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM was already doing. Studio JeremyVille says, “The design 'Reflections' is inspired by the vibrant world of Miami Beach, with its classic Art Deco architecture, colorful beach scene and the iconic pool at The Raleigh hotel. 

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM went on to use ‘Reflections’ for a host of visual communication outlets. They used the banner for the fashion tents, as wraps on official Mercedes vehicles, street pole flags, and the banner for their official Twitter account (it’s still up!). Adopting the image as a huge part of their visual identity meant that JeremyVille’s typical playful and carefree style left an indelible imprint on such a high profile, international even.

    The full banner includes images of surfers on and around their boards, friendly dolphins expelling water through their blowholes, beach lifeguard towers, figures in California Dreamin’ revelry, and graphic patterns recalling the design history of the area. As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM hit their 10th Anniversary, JeremyVille and Megan Mair reached into the past and looked to the future for a timeless representation to celebrate Miami.


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