• 7.16.18

    Steven Lippman Jumps In with Showtime's 'The Affair'

    Sometimes the greatest damage we do to each other is damage of the heart. Showtime’s explosive series, ‘The Affair,’ explores the myriad ways we destroy each other in the confusing space between love and infatuation. Since the very first season of the show, Steven Lippman was brought on with the team to create their key art and this fourth season is no exception.

    Steven has photographed surf culture since he was a professional surfer himself, bringing the camera into the waves along with his board. Not distracted by the gravity of the water, Steven is able to capture the dynamism, drama, and stories that unfold in the crashing of every wave and on the stillness of every nautical mile. From the beginning of ‘The Affair’s’ tenure on television, Steven has used his expertise with water photography to create unique images that not only reflect the west coast setting of the show, but also the chaotic nature of the ocean and how the characters are often tossed in the currents of their personal lives to great effect. Sometimes he creates images that make it seem the characters are drowning – they often are drowning emotionally – sometimes they’re covered in anonymity provided by the opacity of the sea.

    Steven has followed the stories of these couples and their overturned lives, creating imagery that matches them, year after year. As they change and develop, while their relationships tumble and build, each moment is distilled and represented in what Steven does, giving us the slightest peek at what the audience should expect to experience with each new season. He manipulates the stories differently each season and it’s always an apt metaphor.

    There’s only one way to get the whole story but in his contribution, Steven gives us an intoxicating taste.

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