• 9.12.16

    Step into Jeff Soto's World at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

    In many ways, walking into a gallery show is like walking into the mind of an artist. They present their work, a creative expression of how they see the world, or wish to see the world, and we’re given the opportunity to absorb it. They put up their hopes and dreams, often times their nightmares, and their reckoning with the world as it is. When it’s an artist like Jeff Soto it’s a big change from what we confront in our daily lives, but his dreams help us to dream and this month at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City, those dreams have an open invitation. “I always feel like an artist’s entire body of work should be fair game to use,” explains Jeff whose show includes a series of work that is considered something of a rebirth, drawing on his history of characters and the environments they inhabit. “My cast of characters and the worlds I create are The Sotofish Society,” says Jeff, explaining the name of the show ‘The Sotofish Society.’

    We don’t mind telling you that Jonathan LeVine Gallery is an incredibly prestigious location for any artist to show, but this exhibition marks Jeff’s fifth solo showing at the gallery. A decade of artistic collaboration has resulted in making the gallery a very safe space for Jeff to show everything he’s been working on. The exhibition doesn’t stop at the pieces he’s better known for, graffiti and mixed media, but will also include a selection of watercolors and relief prints.

    “I don’t necessarily paint for other people, I very much paint for myself,” Jeff explains. “And I’m trying to express myself and get my thoughts out there. But it’s always nice when there’s a good reaction to it.”

    ‘The Sotofish Society’ will be on view at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, through October 8.

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