• 7.8.16

    Stella Artois Cleans Up with Kai & Sunny

    Of all the many kinds of art in this world, brew mastery is unique. Unlike wineries, breweries must take natural ingredients (grains, yeasts, fruit, and water), to create fermented beverages that taste exactly the same no matter what time of the year it is. If a low yield means they must use a different set of hops, the brew master must take other natural plants and mix them together to maintain a consistent flavor. It's a constant balance every day. So it's no wonder that Stella Artois, one of the most recognizable beer companies in the world, would support good art. Beyond that they are using good art to help define themselves to a new generation. Stella Artois asked illustration duo Kai & Sunny to help them recreate the visual identity for their line of flavored ciders. Using Kai & Sunny's signature style, the newest versions of Stella Artois Cidre were born.

    The huge undertaking that covered five different flavors for Stella Artois, was created in an effort to appeal to generation of cider aficionados who have a different culture from those who came before them. These are people who aren’t attracted to flashy or superfluous imagery. They’re interested in something more. “They seek substance and great experiences,” Kai explains. So Kai and Sunny dove into what the idea of “temptation” means, and exploded the concept into art for the boxes and bottles of these unique flavors.

    Creating a whole new brand identity that is this bold and simple shows real gumption and a commitment to creative communication. “It was really brave of Art Director, Paul Sieka, to go for something so clean and minimal,” says Kai. But they went for it. And after six months of global testing they were proven right. It’s already a hit. “Sunny and I are really pleased with it.” 

    Whether your taste is for apples, raspberries, elder flowers, or good art there’s something here for you. Cheers!


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