• 2.13.14

    Stacey Jones Named Fashion Director of As If Magazine

    Bernstein & Andriulli stylist Stacey Jones found a moment between New York Fashion Week shows earlier in the week to discuss her role as fashion director at As If.

    "I first worked with the magazine on the Catherine Maladrino shoot in issue two, and editor-in-chief Tatijana Shoan, and publisher Scott Fishkind, and I have always seen eye-to-eye," Jones explained. "They had asked me to contribute to the March edition [the fourth issue] and we came to the conclusion that I should spearhead the fashion content – it happened very organically."

    The forthcoming As If is fronted by Golden Globe nominee Greta Gerwig, who also posed for an eight-page spread. "She was wonderful to collaborate with," noted Jones, "and she truly embodied the character we asked her to play – she loved the direction." Jones also selected the clothing for and styled "Portrait of a Lady," an eighteen-page story: "It's a play on words ... the editorial is a bit twisted with a dark sense of humor, but it's a strong story that will elicit reactions – people will either really enjoy it or be taken aback ... or both."

    Jones continued, "My goal is to push As If on a fashion front so that designers, houses, and brands look to it for containing the most creative editorials in the industry. All of the magazine's editorials already evolve from an artistic perspective that you don't see in domestic publications." She added that this year promises to be big for As If with more luxury advertisers signing on.

    At right, preview an image from "Portrait of a Lady" and scroll through Jones's Catherine Malandrino shoot.

    Photographer: Tatijana Shoan

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