• 7.7.15

    Stacey Jones and Liam Dunn Make Fashion Personal

    For those who don’t understand fashion there is the common criticism that all the fashionable care about is what they look like. But clothing and accessories require an incredible amount of focus, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. There is artistry and social commentary in every article of clothing, and how they’re placed together into an outfit describe how the wearer is interacting with their world. The story “Intersecting Lines” from the latest issue of As If Magazine shows what it can look like when we absorb beautiful design into our lives. With styling by Stacey Jones exclusively in Max Mara, and hair design provided by Liam Dunn, there is a perfect blend of product and consumer in a story that explores that relationship.

    The photographs alternate between the shoot that Stacey Jones and Liam Dunn worked on, and images from the workshop of a Max Mara craftsman constructing a bag. It is a seamless representation of how much work goes into creating one of these beautiful pieces. Each element is carefully chosen, measured, and shaped so that it will fit in precisely where it needs to be.

    The juxtaposition of these two different shoots illustrates how the style conscious construct their own representation through piecing together what’s in their wardrobe. How they disappear into their things. Liam coaxes the models hair to mirror the textile and threading in the bag, reflected in the threaded propping. At one point, the model is nearly suspended as her hair is incorporated into the threads; she is literally being absorbed into the fashion.

    The model’s vague expressions play second fiddle to the bold apparel that she is dressed in, allowing the clothes to come forward. It is a study in measured balance over volume. Stacey employs texture and tone to convey subtle substance.

    Together, Liam and Stacey’s work help form the foreground of a story that makes a bold statement on the personal nature of fashion, and how we can use it to express and surround ourselves.

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