• 1.24.13

    Spotlight on Yuko Shimizu's Sundance Illustration

    Yuko Shimizu was invited to create an image for Todd Oldham's new art book Sundance Film Festival A to Z. 26 illustrators came together to create images for this alphabet book that celebrates the history and legacy of the films, actors, and directors of the festival.

    By the time Yuko signed onto the project, there were only two letters left. Yuko asked Todd Oldham Studio to choose one and they picked the Letter K. For the piece, Yuko had to incorporate four unrelated things into one image: actress Catherine Keener, film director Barbara Kopple and films Kentucky Fried Movie and The Kid Stays in the Picture. "I took inspiration from Stenberg Brothers - Russian illustrators and graphic designers from the 1920s and two artists I look up to. They created a lot of posters cleverly juxtaposing multiple scenes," Yuko says.

    Sundance Film Festival A to Z can be purchased on Sundance Festival Store, Amazon, or through other booksellers. There will be an exhibit of the artworks scheduled during the festival.

    Art Direction: Todd Oldham Studio
    Artists: Yuko Shimizu, Wesley Allsbrook, Morgan Blair, Chris Buzelli, Marcos Chin, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Alison Dubois, Daniel Fishel, (PLC) Jessica Grindstaff & Erik Sanko, Caitlin Heimerl, Patrick Hruby, Ricky Katowicz, Jean Kim, Greg Kozatek, Kevin Laughlin, Hillary Moore, Chris Silas Neal, Robyn Ng, Victo Ngai, Michele Romero, Dadu Shin, Armando Veve, Aaron Kent Warder, Jing Wei, JooHee Yoon and Bill Zandel

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