• 6.16.16

    Snask Opens Cannes Lions International Creative Festival

    Most artists want to create beautiful work and collaborate with awesome clients that will hopefully change a couple viewers’ minds about what they’re trying to communicate. It’s a valuable objective and a noble path. But when Swedish agency Snask came together as a creative collective they were interested in nothing short of World Domination. They’re in this for something much deeper, richer, and infectious. “We strive to challenge the industry by doing things differently,” Snask says. “We worship unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real emotions. We see the old conservative world as extremely tedious and as our biggest enemy.”

    This is the point of an introduction to a creative group where we’d tell you what they do. But with Snask that’s basically impossible. They’ll tell you that graphic design is at the heart of their work (and they do a lot of that), but the results are much more than just design. They just completed a series of stop motion videos for Target. They have their own beer. They created a bike. They’ve put their entire creative commandments together into a book that’s a veritable bible of thinking differently about creativity. Snask isn’t a group that executes ideas. They absorb personalities and objectives, creating visual experiences that communicate the spirit of what a brand or collective needs and blasts it out into the world. They don’t limit themselves by a series of skills. Instead they ideate the best possible execution for the objectives in mind and then make it happen.

    This year, Snask is kicking off the Cannes Lions conference with their talk “Make Enemies and Gain Fans!” which shares its name with their book. At this talk (and in their book) Magnus Berg (Founder and Design Director) and Freddie Öst (Founder and Creative Director) will explain to attendees why making enemies is good (it means you stand for something valuable), and why social skills are as important as any other design skill, as well as passing on much more of their wisdom and rocking out with VÄG, a band on SNASK Records.

    Catch “Make Enemies and Gain Fans!” on Saturday, June 18 12pm, at Cannes Lions in Cannes, France. And please join us in welcoming Snask to the roster at B&A.

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