• 12.18.17

    Snask and Pangpang Brewery Take the Shame Out of the Shower Beer

    Professionals know about the Shower Beer.

    The Shower Beer is the beer you bring into the bathroom while you shower, shave, and get ready to go out. It’s a way of efficiently pre-gaming, killing a few birds with fewer stones. All while getting stoned. It’s a staple for college students, but isn’t considered the classiest move. But why not? And how can we change that perception? Those are the questions SnaskSnask set out to answer with Swedish Pangpang Brewery. The result is a Starköl with a whopping 10% abv, in an 18 cl bottle (6ounces).

    It’s not enough to make a beer designed to down in three sips standing under the showerhead, it’s got to look good too. So Snask created the entire identity for the beer as well. They started with the classic amber colored glass – just in the smaller 18 cl size. Instead of a paper label that would pulp right off under the hot water, the printed the label directly onto the glass. A bespoke typeface makes for easy reading, even covered in suds and steam, while a light pink cap offers great variation while also reflecting classic bath colors.

    Thanks to Snask you don’t have to embarrassed about the #ShowerBeer anymore. Drink freely, and then get to your party!

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