• 2.21.19

    Shotopop Feels The Beat With Spotify

    Musical taste is subjective, and sometimes hard to describe. In their latest campaign with Spotify, the illustration, animation and design studio, Shotopop, created five different visual musical identities from drawing board idea to 3D character. Each animated dancer came to life and moved to the beat through motion capture over two full days at Pinewood Studios in London.

    The work that goes on behind the scenes of a project usually goes unseen. For a painter, it’s the color combinations and brush strokes that still only live on a piece of scrap paper. For a photographer, it’s the outtakes and unedited photos that never make it to print. For animators and CGI artists, it can be as simple as the basic awareness of how objects move, and as complex as strapping a human into a full body suit with sensors to precisely capture fluid movement.

    Spotify called upon Shotopop for their expertise on this project, with just an idea. The designers at Shotopop decided to create a series of motion capture dances that represent each of their different listener profiles. The entire process took two full days, as well as a team of dancers and choreographers. The studio produced a behind the scenes clip that details the intricate 48-hour process in a mere fifteen seconds.

    The result is a number of motion clips featuring colorful 3D animated characters. A flexible disco ball, an EDM inspired confetti monster, a rock and roll headbanger, three pastel k-pop groupies, and a workout dancer all grooving to the beat to the soundtrack of the Soundsmiths. It’s hard to not mistake these lifelike figures for real people in costumes. For those who understand the behind the scenes process, they technically were.

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