• 8.8.13

    Shilo Animates the Vikings' Softer Side

    Shilo, with the help of ATELIER BRÜCKNER, developed a short video for the National Museum of Denmark's "Viking" exhibit – the largest showcase of Viking accoutrements in 20 years, with contributions from a dozen European countries.

    In "Chapter One: the Invasion," things become a bit cartoon-bloody; however, "Chapter Two: the Journey Home" reveals the Nordic inhabitants' softer sides. "They were not just raiding a village for enjoyment, but rather, they were doing so to provide for their families," said Shilo co-founder Jose Gomez in a press release. "To us, showing that aspect of their lives was definitely key to making the entire story work."

    ATELIER BRÜCKNER imagined telling the tale with a hand-drawn aesthetic, which, explained Shilo creative director Tom Green, "could really only be reproduced by painting each frame individually." So, the Emmy Award-winning creative production company "took aspects of traditional animation and modernized them with today's technology," Green noted.

    The exhibition runs through November 17, before moving on to the British Museum in London and Museum für Vor-und Frühgeschichte in Berlin.

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