• 1.22.16

    Shelly Vella Teaches Us to Go Our Own Way

    If life has taught us anything it’s that you’ve always got to be true to yourself and not be shy about making your own way in the world. No one knows this better than veteran Fashion Director Shelly Vella who, after 15 years at Cosmopolitan UK is venturing off on her own, sharing her unique vision with a world she knows so well. 25 years of fashion expertise are focused into her own endeavor she calls “The Stylish Stuff.” The ongoing project has become a cistern to capture her creativity.

    At The Stylish Stuff we see the result of her finely tuned taste offering the perfect place for her to display mastery for hungry readers. The site is meticulously updated with work, which is now directed more by passion and love than print deadlines. It is your window into the mind of an expert Fashion Director, a direct line to seeing what the titans of the fashion world see, and the opportunity to get a grasp on that process.

    Shelly’s mastery is on full display in the February issue of Cosmo UK where the story “Prep Yourself” examines fun and unique ways to dress with prep influence. The tradition of the prep aesthetic is tried and true, but the heart of style has always been to bring your own spin to what you wear. Shelly did just that. Giving the fashion a brownstone aesthetic in the midst of comfortable and vintage cleverness renews these timeless looks for a new era.

    Stay up to date with Shelly at her site, The Stylish Stuff, that she frequently updates. 

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