• 11.2.18

    Sharing Human Stories with Jason Madara and Best Buy

    Our cultural economy has changed. As the world grows smaller, we’re more connected than ever before thanks to a constant deluge of information streaming from never ending communication and expression. These connections have given everyone the ability to parse between what is real and what is fake, forcing major brands like Best Buy to tell the story of their company entirely without artifice. That is not an easy thing to do. So when Best Buy made the shift to invest in that kind of a brand identity they went to Jason Madara to help them do it. The Creative Director of Best Buy, Denton Warne, explains:

    “Jason Madara’s body of work intrigued us right away. His framing and composition always feel timeless and his light is meticulous – but what we loved most about his work is the character he’s able to draw out of his subjects. It takes a huge amount of care and intuition to capture a frame of someone who has never modeled before and turn it into something you are immediately drawn to.”

    For Jason, the challenge of bringing truth out of a subject is the sum total of his job. He works on every element: lighting and wardrobe, casting and makeup. But the deepest part of the work happens between him and his subjects, translating those moments into images. But even beyond that, it’s about more than just making something great for his clients. “When I’m away from my family and I’m doing work, I want to find a way to not just enjoy shooting the job and going to work, I want to really become part of it,” Jason explains. “I find something to connect with for everybody, and that is really important to me.” By investing himself in every moment, the subjects meet him on that level and open up. It’s a collaboration: they work together to tell the best stories in the way that supports their message.

    And the message is shared humanity.

    Best Buy is a massive company with huge stores filled with hardware and electronics. But with this campaign, they were able to fill every location with authentic human moments. “When I walked into Best Buy and I saw this campaign for the first time in Manhattan and in LA, I saw the prints in the stores and there is a certain sense of nothing feeling forced. Everything feels warm,” Jason explains. “Humans are the core of the story, and I think that’s true in life.” The campaign created the opportunity to fill every location with human stories, setting the tone for the future of Best Buy, but also giving Jason the platform to connect with people in a meaningful way.

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