• 9.12.13

    Serial Cut's Cabinet of Curiosities for TEN

    Serial Cut has teamed up with TEN – a creative, digital, and educational project by Fotolia that aims to democratize digital art – for September. The studio's image "Fake Drawers," inspired by Renaissance Europe's cabinets of curiosity, could be downloaded gratis for 24 hours as a Photoshop document. "TEN, as in 10 artists, 10 countries, 10 months, and 10 PSDs," explained a press release. "Each user can access the set of layers, graphic elements, and style effects held in each PSD, and appropriate them to use them in his or her own work." 

    "I wanted to create a kind of freaky laboratory and that's how the idea started," SC's art director Sergio del Puerto said. "I enjoy visual impact – the 'whaoo effect,' as they say. I love it when people spend time looking at an image, having fun within it and with its details. And also I like when they can't figure out how it was done, whether it's real or digital ... this is a scene where there is movement, things happening. We like it because it tells a story, a simple one, but there's something there."

    Del Puerto used 3D elements and photos. He designed the framework in Cinema 4D and plugged in a collage of Fotolia pics made in Photoshop. "We added the stool, the tree on the right, the Polaroid, the grid," he noted. "The 3D elements have common characteristics, but the photos have their own lighting and colors – they have been Photoshopped by their authors and we have to work with those details. An incorrect shadow, a poorly-oriented reflection ... these are defects that would be very noticeable." 

    He decided to participate in the TEN project because of its international reach. "I also like that there are other designers; together we're helping it grow," he added. "And for the designers [TEN users] who are learning, I know they appreciated it. I'm happy to share our work with them so they can see it and download it. I think it's particularly interesting with our work, which is very thorough and detailed."

    Get to know Serial Cut in the video or watch a TEN tutorial (en español).

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