• 6.2.15

    Serial Cut Reimagines Summer

    Some images are classic summer. Ice cream. Surfboards. Watermelon, picnic blankets, and sunscreen. This is our summer canon, but not everyone experiences summer the same way, and at least one brand is reimagining the way we come in contact with the hottest months of the year.

    Diesel’s aesthetic has always been edgy. From reshaping the way we approach denim, to taking bold new stands in contemporary casual, Diesel has done a great deal to change the landscape of modern style. Now they want to change the way we experience summer. Teaming up with creative group Serial Cut, they envisioned a set of moving visuals that would create a new context for their Summer 2015 Collection that ultimately would play in their stores. Handing it over to Serial Cut, what they got was an entirely new take on the classics.

    The digital celebrations of summer feature pieces from the Diesel collection, including footwear, sunglasses, and bags, all inhabiting a glossy CGI landscape. An ice cream cone, surfboard, and basketball all melt and drip in the heat, but their oozing is encapsulated in a candy coating that shimmers through a rainbow of blues, greens, and pinks. Laconic background music is punctuated by echoing droplets filling in the surreal immersion.

    These moveable creations set a background to show off accessories that are presented in photographic realness, floating and spinning to the music and nearly chaotic energy that is amplified by the season. These products and their movements emphasize the suspension of natural law as texture and motion are heightened to perfection, and gravity is merely a suggestion.

    Serial Cut’s videos for Diesel are now playing at Diesel stores inviting you into their unique take on summer.

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