• 11.1.18

    Serge Seidlitz Saves Us From the H*ll of Home Mortgages

    Entering into a home mortgage is long term relationship. The 15 or 30 year commitment with a lender is one of the most comprehensive and invasive agreements that most will enter into, and Habito Mortgage knows it can be a scary prospect. That’s why they teamed up with Serge Seidlitz to illustrate those fears and to assuage the audience that there are other options.

    With characters and settings created entirely by Serge, the 30-second spot shows a young man beginning the process of applying for a loan and unfurling the mile’s long application that launches a host of grabby hands, each one with a different goal: it’s not just every penny in his pockets they want, they also want his gold tooth, his skeleton, and even his spirit. It’s a profound message that many home owners can relate to. Serge brings us along with the character’s journey every step of the way: mixing comedy with the real fears that arise from these processes.

    Of course, the savor is the product and Serge’s client: Habito Home Mortgages a brand that works to demystify the process and rescue hesitant shoppers from their fears. In just a single moment, Serge changes the entire tenor of the message with the introduction of Habito’s website and product. Quickly the hell that has been carefully created is replaced by serenity and calm, each mood balanced and executed by Serge’s illustrations and Strange Beast’s production.

    Check out the spot below, and see if you recognize your own home mortgage hesitancies in Serge’s exciting characterizations.

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