• 12.22.17

    Serge Seidlitz and Sir Patrick Stewart Get Festive with DEAR SATAN

    Typos are awful. We know, we write plenty of them. Sometimes they’re easy to miss, but sometimes they’re egregious. When one little girl named Hope addressed her Christmas wish list to “SATAN” instead of Santa, a whole series of events unfolded that not only changed everything in Hell, it changed everything for one little girl. At least that’s the story in Anomaly’s “Dear Satan,” a short video released for the holiday, illustrated by Serge Seidlitz. The nearly six-minute animation, narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, tells a hilarious and immersive story fully realized by Serge. “When I read the script, I thought it was really funny and realised there was lots of fun to be had with the drawings,” Serge says. “I loved coming up with the character of Satan. As he’s the main focus of the film it was really important to nail him, so we spent quite a bit of time at the beginning working on his character so he was just right.”

    Six minutes is a long time for any animation (even 60 seconds is rather long), so this work was going to take a lot of time to do: time that Serge didn’t have. “It was going to be a lot of work in a short amount of time and that scared me a little, but I worked fast and the pressure to get it out for Christmas helped me push on through,” says Serge. “The collaborative experience was great because the team at the agency gave me great feedback and were enthusiastic about the drawings as I was sending them through on a daily basis. A little bit of positivity goes a long way when you’re deep in the zone.” Who said a little Holiday Cheer couldn’t get us anywhere? Serge put his nose to the grindstone, with the backing of Anomaly, and was able to create an incredible array of imagery to tell a complete and beautiful story. Don’t believe us? Check out all the interesting things floating in Satan’s vomit and bile!

    No, really! Look. It’s super cool.

    Serge’s characters and sets work perfectly, and the video offers plenty to be proud of. But the fact that Stewart does all the voices in the video brings the whole thing to the next level. That certainly wasn’t lost on Serge. “He’s a legend and his voice is wonderful. When I heard his narration it really put the icing on the cake for me,” says Serge. “My favourite bit is when he does the little girl, Hope’s, voice - Just hilarious.”

    So tuck in, grab a mug of hot cocoa (or tea), curl up in a nice itchy blanket and get ready for your new favorite holiday story: DEAR SATAN.

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