• 11.1.17

    Sawdust Makes Everything Possible for Wired UK

    As a publication, there’s very little that Wired doesn’t cover. Begun as a technology publication, at an age when tech touches every aspect of our lives, covering tech means covering the modern condition. It’s impossible to describe life without tech, and tech without life. So Wired does it all. The UK imprint of the magazine, Wired UK, recently underwent a redesign and with that comes a refresh for their typography. The last time the magazine redesigned they went to Sawdust to create some new typography, so they did the same this time. Sawdust’s response was an emphatic Yes! and a style that’s able to engage will the myriad of topics the magazine engages with. 

    “We set ourselves the task of creating a typeface that worked efficiently in both flat color and three-dimensional form, however the 3D version needed to work directly over imagery, and without the need for a device within which to hold it. This created a whole new set of challenges,” Sawdust told It’s Nice That.

    Since Wired’s focus is so broad and changes every day, Sawdust had to anticipate issues that we can’t even imagine. Technology shift so fast that anything is possible, so Sawdust had to imagine infinite uses for their work and make any of those executions possible.

    “We needed a typeface that would work in black and white both flat and three-dimensional. For the flat version, it goes without saying that the color could be adjusted easily (it didn’t need to be set in just black or white) but changing the color for the 3D version, logistically become exponentially more complex and so we agreed a black and a white version was best. Therefore, when working in 3D it became important to keep tonal variants of white and black to facilitate its use across photography.” 

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