• 7.14.14

    Sam Robinson gets personal with Dell

    The race to the top in Silicon Valley is all about innovation. The top of the heap is dictated by what companies and brands are on the cutting edge of technology, creating faster, smaller, and easier to understand products that will make users excited. But none of that has any value unless it fits into the user’s life. It’s worthless if it doesn’t seamlessly integrate and allow them to enjoy that life more.

    Sam Robinson has been shooting campaigns for Dell for half a decade now, and when they team up together to communicate what Dell is all about, he says, “We’ve always focused on the people.” After all, it doesn’t matter how pretty your product is if it’s not enriching the user’s experience. Sam is all about showing what that experience can do for someone who uses these products and he does that by presenting the moments between engaging with the devices.

    “Dell has a huge product range, so a lot of the stuff that we shoot has to relate to lots of different products,” Sam explains about the campaign that covers many life moments. “[The products] relate to different parts of life, so I’m trying to capture real moments in life, and real emotions that could be used for different types of products.” Whether you need to quickly find a route to the pottery studio using your tablet, print a photo of your friends from the beach, or celebrate the fruits of studying for years on your trusty laptop: Dell has you covered. Sam and Dell are showing that technology can make these moments possible, so the rest of the time is just for living. Positive technology enriches a life, it doesn’t get in the way.

    It takes real work and consideration to execute a campaign that feels as effortless as this one. “Light is such a key part of everything I shoot,” says Sam. Sam and Dell have shot all over the world to appeal to all sorts of different markets, but they wanted this one to be uniquely North American. So they shot in Los Angeles and Houston to get the right feeling out of the light. That same rich golden light that inspired an entire film industry.

    To keep everything fun, Sam likes to foster a relaxed and easy atmosphere on set, so the subjects can be free to live authentically in front of the lens. After all, the goal is to communicate how seamlessly the variety of products fit into any lifestyle. “We have a real freedom to create a nice loose set and play. We’re not dictated by trying to sell one particular thing,” explains Sam. Instead, they’re working together to visually describe the identity of a brand that covers so many aspects of life. “It allows us to have the freedom to be looser.”

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