• 6.4.14

    Ryan Todd Turns Up the Nostalgia for Transport for London

    Transport for London via M&C Saatchi London has commissioned Ryan Todd to make a series of posters bringing attention to TfL’s bike share program.

    Using his hand drawn style, Ryan’s aesthetic is reminiscent of graphics born from Matisse and paper cut cubism. For him, it was really about combining modern impressions with TfL’s old school sensibilities. He explains the posters’ style by saying, “I applied my bold and playful approach to the posters and wanted to create something that was contemporary but which could still exist alongside the heritage visual identity of TfL.”

    Imagery of bicycles and London coalesce to foster feelings of timeless familiarity and nostalgia. The posters aren’t about the city of London, not the way a tourist would see it. They fill themselves with the daily life experience of a native Londoner. Ryan chose personal icons over landmarks. It’s about the center spot at Wembley stadium, not Big Ben. The Thames, not the Eye. The experience of jamming into the Underground during rush hour not the experience of trying to get a Queen’s guardsman to laugh. Ryan Todd and Transport for London are working towards fostering an intimacy that is unique to insiders, and communicating with them as clearly as possible.

    Ryan explains, “TfL approached me with some concepts and messaging they’d like to promote to encourage more people to make use of the Barclays bikes available all over London. Some of the posters were created to highlight reasons to use the bikes, while others coincided with certain events in London.” It’s really about the people and the best, and easiest way to live in London.


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