• 7.15.10

    Ruud Baan Shoots Coca-Cola Zero Campaign with WK China

    Coca-Cola introduces it's Coca-Cola Zero "Wild health" campaign to China. Coca-Cola Zero boasts its zero calorie and zero sugar features, made with artificial sweeteners Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K). Coca-Cola Zero gives calorie and sugar conscious consumers an alternative choice to the traditional Coca-Cola recipe.

    Ruud Baan caught models Carlos Koo and Miranda Louey in high-energy motion, their intense action is amplified with red energy lines and icy graphics. Says Baan, "We shot every moment meticulously until we had the right pose and attitude. We wanted the models to jump and box but still look relaxed and not forced." The eye-catching red and black campaign can be seen in print, on billboards, and over the web all over China.

    Client: Coca-Cola
    Campaign: Coca-Cola Zero - Wild Health
    Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
    Senior Director: Nick Barham
    Art Director: Wei Wei Dong
    Production: Milan Jim
    Account Managers: Lydia Zhu and Mehreen Ozdemir

    Photography: Ruud Baan
    Styling: Isis Vaandrager at Eric Elenbaas
    Hair/Make-Up: Alexander Chiu
    Photography Assistant: Mounir Raji
    Styling Assistant: Bastiaan Thijssen
    Postproduction: MagicGroup
    Models: Carlos Koo, Miranda Louey

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