• 3.13.15

    Roof Studios Envisions the Future for Toshiba

    The future of technology extends far beyond the devices in our pockets (or on our bodies). As we upgrade the systems around us, they will infiltrate the power grid, water treatment, air traffic control, satellites, every piece of technology that we see and don’t see will be affected. And as populations become denser in cities, we need to change how these systems work to make for more sustainable habitation with larger concentrations of people.

    Multinational tech giant Toshiba is involved in the development of innumerable technologies all over the world, aiding in the advancement of our synthesis with technological systems and streamlining our interaction with our digital world. To illustrate the way Toshiba is making our new technological lives possible, and show what they’ll look like in the future, the technology company teamed up with Roof Studios out create a video showing us what our futures will be. “Toshiba’s products transform themselves into a very impressive system for energy efficient city infrastructure,” says Crystal Campbell, Executive Producer at Roof Studios. “There are of course the wind turbines and solar panels, but it also depicts their systems for city energy conservation.” The video, that’s almost entirely CGI, shows a woman interacting with a future city, updating technologies with a touch of her extended technological reach.

    To achieve the look of the video, Roof started with live action video and built their CGI compositing on top of the footage, using it to track natural camera movements and the spill of light.  “It really helped making the edit clear and connected all of the shots,” explains Guto Terni, Creative Director at Roof Studios. You can see how they layered on each successive piece of work on their behind the scenes video included in this post.

    The live video offered them a firm base on for what would ultimately be a challenging project. Even using cues from the film, Roof had a lot of work to do in order to construct entire cities. “From the start of the production we knew the amount of challenges we faced and the amount of work needed to create all of the environments,” says Guto. “Every single shot of the film has a deep transformation.” By building every image, every movement, and every expansion of light on real life, they’re able to root the imagery in our world. Constructing a future city with that kind of visual base makes a piece that is immediately relatable to the viewer, keeping it realistic and compelling.

    For Roof, though, the most fun part of a project like this is early brainstorming and building the ideas of the future city. “For me pre-production it is always a really special part of the project,” says Guto. “It is the moment where we create the film and I really enjoy thinking about the conception of the scenes.”


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