• 12.11.15

    Rod Hunt Reaches New Heights with FirstBank

    You know Rod Hunt’s work. Whether it’s an interactive character search celebrating recent Hollywood Blockbusters, or conceptualizing the maze of madness that makes one Swedish furniture manufacturer succeed, he has a way of making the complex fun. Scale and SOMETHING come together in sprawling images that at first puzzle but then excite as the viewer is drawn into the game. But nothing has reached this large a scale as Rod’s, “Capture the Cube,” a project with FirstBank. To create the interactive project, Rod had to completely interpret Copper Mountain, a ski resort in Colorado. The final illustration would serve as a map for players to engage in a true scavenger hunt, so everything had to be right. “It certainly was a bit of a mind bender trying to work it all out. As people were actually going to use the map to find the cubes in the real world I had to ensure the map was very accurate,” Rod explains. “To start with I created a huge initial pencil rough as a guide using maps, satellite images and Google Earth to get all the features and layout of the slopes and runs correct.” Once he got the mountain just right, he had to fill it with all the skiers.

    The scale of the final image is gigantic, and filling it was going to be a challenge. But Rod is an expert at creating individual characters and throwing in a few wild cards.  “I had to come up with over one hundred crazy characters for all the cube location clues plus large selection of ringers for good measure,” says Rod. “Some of my favorites include a crashed UFO, someone zorbing, a Yeti, Easter Island head, a skiing hotdog, a man riding a space hopper, various clowns and some very lost penguins.”

    Rod’s work is unique in that he’s consistently creating imagery that his viewers literally play with. Searching through the characters, finding clues, the experience is enchanting and fun. For Rod, that’s a key component to his illustrations. “It's good to work on projects where you have to create something fun that has to entertain and engage with the public,” says Rod. Capture the Cube will be running through April 2016, so you can still play!

    Check out the full details and Rod's map on Capture the Cube’s site.

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