• 10.20.15

    Rod Hunt Keeps it Spooky with Sony Pictures' 'Goosebumps'

    Halloween is upon us, and everyone is getting ready to celebrate. Picking out their costumes, finding their spookiest selves, and partying with the others ghouls for the season. Parties are being prepared and the candy bowls are being filled, but there’s also a little shadow of scary growing thanks to Rod Hunt’s latest work for a popular new movie.

    Rod teamed up with The Flock Agency and Sony Pictures to create an interactive game celebrating the release of this season’s Goosebumps, a horror comedy film based on the R. L. Stein teen book series. Rod illustrated a detailed high school Halloween dance with the people of the town decked out in their holiday best ready to party. “Where's The Creature?” is like a popular game you’ve played before where you must find the featured character. Rod created dozens of characters for this gymnasium party, and each of them are shuffled randomly so that every game you play is different from the last. As you find each one in turn, you realize how many real monsters are at this party turning it from a carefree revelry to a true spooky affair. “It’s the combination of fun, an activity that slows you down and a test of your observational skills,” Rod says about the game. “Plus the enjoyment of being engaged with some super cool artwork with lot’s of new things to see every time you look at it.” The movie, and the game, are angled at a young audience but it shouldn’t stop adults from enjoying either.

    The unique opportunity that Halloween offers is the costume; taking on a different identity, dressed up as a reflection of what’s scary or fun. The only risk is that when everyone dresses a little creepy, the creeps begin to blend in. As you look closer at the game, you may notice something a little more sinister, if not also very fun. The impulse to dress up is a totally natural game for everyone, and inherent to our culture. “I think the whole cosplay thing plays into being part of a tribe and belonging to a group of like-minded people,” Rod says. “They could have been seen as being part of a similar shared cultural experience.” How frightening that the fun of costume dress up could be hiding the real baddies!

    Take a look at the game here and try your skill against the demons of the night. Don’t let them hide from you!


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