• 6.25.15

    Rod Hunt and Ikea Make a Home for Every Family

    Since rising to incredible popularity over the last decade, Ikea has become synonymous with accessible interior design. Their massive collection and affordable prices mean that there is an Ikea piece that will fit into almost anyone’s life. But not everyone was aware of that. In fact, Ikea found a handful of families who felt left out of Ikea’s identity. So Ikea wanted to show them how much they already belonged.

    Teaming up with BBDO, Ikea tapped Rod Hunt and famed Russian author Grigory Oster to bring some of Ikea’s stranger potential customers into the fray.

    Over the course of months, Ikea conducted interviews and accepted submissions from unique personalities. Oster took those conversations and turned them into short stories that were finally compiled into a book called Kvartirovedenie, which can be translated to “Apartmentology.” Then the families worked with Ikea to the find the selection of pieces that were right for them and help them express their identities in their living spaces. Finally, Rod Hunt got familiar with ten of these groups and their new Ikea furniture, incorporating every element into a massive illustration that showed each family compartmentalized as if on one floor of Ikea. This illustration is completely navigable and interactive on their site as a game where you can explore the entire complex.

    In Rod’s illustration these mini homes fit together like puzzle pieces, showing the irony of how these people who didn’t see themselves fitting in at all now flawlessly share their walls with families who are so different from them. At the end of the day it is proof that there is a space for every family, no matter what they look like, as long as we’re willing to help find them their space.

    Check out Rod's full illustration, and the video where you get to meet these characters, below.

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