• 7.1.15

    Rizon Parein Makes Choosing Your Paint Fun

    Time. Weather. Dirt. These elements steal from us the beauty that humans work so hard to construct in our ephemeral creations. No matter what we make, it is subject to the forces outside of our control that, given enough time, will degrade, erode, and disintegrate whatever we make. We are at the mercy of nature and time. But we can even the score. 

    Benjamin Moore’s newest line of paints each feature distinct blends to protect surfaces from the torture of being in the natural world. Aura is so effective at protecting against the elements that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Regal Select is so smooth it repels dirt through a complete lack of friction. Natura is made of natural materials so that there are no toxic additives that would put any family or friends at risk by coming in contact with the product. Like most paints, each of these blends come in a full variety of colors, but it is their features that set them apart from their peers. So it was up to Rizon Parein to help them highlight those differences.

    In a series of three advertisements for the home design mogul, Rizon imagined each of these features in active terms using CGI compositing. A can of Aura, known for its weather protection, is surrounded by clouds, lightning, water, snow, sun. The paint is fully at home in this unforgiving atmosphere, handling these forces with no problem. Regal Select is surrounded by canons, swords, and parapets, an illustration of the protective power Regal Select offers the surfaces it covers. In this composition, the paint is a part of the defenses, not struggling to stay behind them. The Natura paint is in a rural setting surrounded by trees and birds, reflecting on the natural ingredients that make this paint safe for all uses and all customers.

    No matter the application, Benjamin Moore is formulating a paint that they hope will fit into the lifestyle and needs of their customers. Paint is paint, so it’s crucial for them to be able to illustrate the details of these products so that consumers know what makes them unique, and what sets them apart. Rizon’s sense of humor and play within these three advertisements prove that these details can be handled effectively and casually, making important choices, like what materials to bring into your home, are made with careful consideration and at least a half measure of joy. 

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