• 1.28.15

    Rizon Parein Helps Crown the Ice Kings

    Every other year the world comes together to test skills against one another in the Olympics. Athletic trials of all kinds are set up on the world stage for the global community to leave differences behind and enjoy one another in the arena of sport. When those tests are over we return to our local communities and continue the contests on our own soil. The living joy of these games does not end when we go our own ways, and they must continue to be celebrated in the effort of common goals. In Russia, a country whose recent moves have found it isolated in many arenas, their people still join together in ways that need to be celebrated.

    Nike has assembled a casual winter soccer competition in Moscow that looks to crown the "Ice Kings," those who win the contest. Rizon Parein, whose work Nike has contracted in the past during the World Cup (another international contest) and for their Lunar program, was on hand to make materials celebrating and advertising for the games. Rizon is known for a variety of aesthetics, but for this project he and Nike decided on using his tried and true neon lights application. It makes sense. The tournament is geared towards a younger crowd and that’s exactly where Rizon’s neon signage is angled. “The young players have a new opportunity to prove themselves in the harsh Russian winter and prove that real [soccer] never stops,” Nike describes the tournament. And they’re not kidding. Moscow is one of the largest cities that sees some of the harshest winters in the world. Playing a soccer tournament outdoors during this time is no joke.

    Nike continues to be the global equalizer of all things sport, finding a bright spot in geopolitics while keeping the idea fun and lively. It requires intensity to show up to competition as challenging as this, something that was not lost on Rizon. His design shows crowed eagles, the kings of the sky, in mid bird call affirming dominance.

    The qualifying games are already well underway, with the semi finals coming on February 1, and the kings be crowned on February 5. Stay tuned!

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