• 6.26.14

    Rizon makes his World Cup favorites glow with Toykyo

    It wasn’t until Rizon Parein, our Belgian illustrator, found his way to Helsinki that he finally met fellow Belgian artists Toykyo. It took international travel to find his fellow countrymen. Rizon had always wanted to work with them, saying, “I really like their work and was immediately like, ‘We should do a project together one time.’” The World Cup was coming up, and they decided it should be a piece focusing on the international games.

    Rizon is known for his neon-sign renderings, having produced CGI typography for the likes of Pharrell, Kanye West, and the movie Drive. Toykyo, on the other hand, specializes in vector character design. They decided to bring their talents together to celebrate four of their favorite soccer players. Toykyo would draw the faces of these footballers, and Rizon would make them into rendered neon signs.

    Creating these images from scratch was not an easy task, and even on a highly expedited schedule it took weeks. That sort of commitment meant they had to choose the players far in advanced, not knowing how those players would perform in their matches. “You’re almost putting bets on who’s going to win and who’s going to fall out of the tournament. It’s really like speculating and of course you think some guys will shine and then you see during the matches, they’re not.” Like any good betting man, Rizon is vying for his choices, “I hope one of our four players becomes the superstar.”

    As a next step, Rizon want these illustrations constructed out of real neon. “I totally see these happening as a physical, wall design,” he says. He’s done it before with some of his designs, but they never end up looking quite as good as the digital image. Maybe like the games played by these superstars they’re better on paper.

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