• 10.12.17

    Reed + Rader Jump on The Coding Train

    If you think the idea of coding a website with letters and dashes and semicolons is boring: boy have we got news for you. Just like everything else in the world, coding is as fun as you make it – and Dan Shiffman makes it fun. His YouTube channel, The Coding Train, is all about learning this incredibly useful skill while having fun with it. He recently renamed the channel, and needed a new intro video for his new identity. He asked his long time friends over at Reed + Rader to help him do just that. The results are explosive and bold, filled with dancing characters, computer generated worlds, and an energetic Shiffman. And that’s exactly what Reed + Rader are all about.

    “Boldness, whether it’s an explosion of colors or just kookiness in general, is something that is pretty inherent with our style,” says Matthew Rader, who is the ‘Rader’ to Pamela Reed’s ‘Reed.’ “In the case of this project with The Coding Train, the person that it was for, Dan Shiffman, his personality is bonkers and he’s the wildest, nicest guy in the world. It just kind of fit because he’s crazy and we do crazy stuff and it just went together like two peas in a pod.” 

    Matthew met Shiffman while studying at NYU – Shiffman was an in-demand teacher while Matthew was hoping to get into his class. But since then they’ve become friends and collaborators.

    On The Coding Train, the information is real, but the world that Reed + Rader created for the video is obviously entirely invented. So are the characters, whose movements were all fabricated from the ground up for each unique shape and ‘body.’ “The characters like vaguely humanoid in the sense that some have arms and they have legs, but other than that they’re pretty bonkers, so it wasn’t really that necessary to have super realistic movements,” Matt explains. “They could kind of have a life of their own.”

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