• 11.27.13

    Rebecca Donnelly's DIY Decor for Birchbox

    Rebecca Donnelly brought do-it-yourself holiday cheer to Birchbox's Holiday 2013 Gift Guide. "Birchbox didn't want typical decorations," said the prop stylist. "The company wanted the scenes to be young, original, and – most importantly – believable, as in, normal girls would be able to pull this off. Birchbox's client is me or my friends ... we share the same age, style, and interests ... so I pretended it was my party and created items I would put on my own table."

    Donnelly and the team decided to use a palette of turquoise and coral (instead of the traditional green and red), silver, and gold to play with geometric patterns. "I was inspired by this beautiful tissue paper – I set out to make sort of pom-poms to hang as lighting, but I thought it would be unexpected to turn them into garlands," Donnelly explained. "That was a huge hit on set."

    Keeping with the "stylish yet realistic" mantra, Donnelly thought of embellishments that the men in her life could achieve: "I took a basket full of birch logs and clumped string lights in and around it. That idea proved popular, too."

    Birchbox.com featured Donnelly's "5 Easy Holiday Decorating DIYs." Her favorite is "Step Up Your Table Settings: [...] Start by purchasing wooden shapes at a craft shop, then paint them using non-toxic tempera paint. Scatter across the table as a festive table setting, or use them to prop up your guests' place cards. If you're feeling super crafty, cut a notch in the middle of each shape with a lightweight hacksaw, says Donnelly. Stick the place card in the notch, and voilà."

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