• 2.1.18

    Read Hugh Stewart's New Book in Vogue Living

    Counter-culture goes way beyond a teenage punk rock phase or dabbling in witchcraft in middle school. Counter-culture is about finding the beauty on the fringes, the diamonds that most people walk by without noticing. It’s about discovering life when everyone else has moved on, the shine that’s there if you squint. This is the job of the bohemian, the eccentric, eclectic, and the free spirit. These are the subjects of Hugh Stewart's new book, ‘The Maverick Soul,’ created in collaboration with Miv Watts, an excerpt of which can be found in the latest issue of Vogue Living.

    Hugh and Watts were invited into the lives, homes, and spaces of two dozen creative counter-culture folk all over the world compiled into a gorgeous imprint. Hugh’s photography plays off Watts’ styling, interior design sense, and writing to compose beautiful imagery that evokes the excitement of each of their subjects’ lives and shows us the beauty in what they’ve found – even if it’s different from the popular definition. We see it all: deep piles of pillows, rudimentary statues, stick couches on unfinished walls, a slow morning in bed with the paper and a tower of books. Hugh’s photographs show rich colors, sumptuous textures, and lives that may resemble our own if we just take the time to look. After all, isn’t there a little rebel in all of us?

    Check out an extract of ‘The Maverick Soul’ in Vogue Living, see more images from 'The Maverick Soul' here, or purchase the book here.

    Hugh Stewart is represented exclusively through our Sydney office.

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