• 7.2.14

    Radio keeps The World Cup fun with Wheat Thins

    There are a ton of factors that bring success to the World Cup: the roster, players’ individual training and personalities, how the team works together as a unit, as well as corporate and national support. But perhaps the most important factor for success is a series of seemingly inconsequential actions performed by the fans. Is that dude wearing his lucky hat? Is she sitting in grandpa’s chair? Are they serving the same dip they served for the Superbowl in 2001, 2003, and 2004? Superstitions are a huge part of the fun for die-hard fans, and Wheat Thins looked to play on that for their World Cup campaign, “Superstish-Thins.”

    Lucky for Wheat Thins, AKQA, the agency charged with coordinating the campaign, tapped Radio to illustrate. Gabriel Cheung, of AKQA, said they picked Radio because, “they had the right type of work in their portfolio.” Mixing together a whimsical cartoonish reality, with the flexibility to get really wild. Byron Meiring, one of the artists at Radio, describes their work saying they do a lot of projects in the same vein, “very clean and minimalistic,” that works as the perfect base to present nontraditional ideas. 

    The campaign features six super fans engaging in surprising, Wheat Thins centered superstitions. They include smashing unlucky crackers with a lucky soccer ball (The Wheat Thins Sacrifice), mixing a bunch of flavors in one mouthful (The Charm Stack), or simply holding on to the Wheat Thins box with ever fiber of being (The Juju Grip). They come with full instructions so you can pour your newfound neurosis 

    In addition to the playful instructions on how to adopt your new collection of cracker-based superstitions, Radio put together some team badges for Group G of The World Cup. Ghana, Germany and Portugal are all graphically represented in virtual badges, organically evolving from a central soccer ball. The sun, eagles, and a rooster each reflect the cultures of their representative countries. These GIFs add a personal, relatable flair that could be adopted by any fan. 

    Ultimately, the project was well received by all parties involved. Radio had a great time getting involved in such a great international event. “It was great to do something that was for The World Cup number one,” Byron explains. “But, also the info graphics are quite humorous and tongue in cheek.” With passions high, it’s important to remember that it’s all in good fun. 

    Radio was rooting for USA in the game yesterday. Sadly, it didn't turn out great for Team USA, seems like all the superstitious luck went to Tim Howard whose performance of blocking 19 shots set a World Cup Record. But even that was not enough. It’s hard out here in the World Cup.


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