• 4.17.17

    Radio Gets Organized with Slack

    We could all use a little more organization in our lives.

    Whether it’s getting your desk in order, attacking those kitchen cabinets, or creating a better workflow on your team at the office, a little bit of streamlining never hurt anyone’s goals. But how do you organize people? How do you streamline communication? Slack is a messaging, file sharing and search service that lets collaborators communicate in focused ways to better work together towards their common goals. To get the word out about their unique product, Slack asked Radio to visualize their service in a way that would tell their story and show the fun of organized work. For inspiration, Radio looked to a popular Tumblr blog that’s become the mecca for organization porn. “We were inspired by the Tumblr ‘Things Organized Neatly’ and we wanted to convey how Slack makes your life more organized no matter what industry,” explains Byron Meiring, Creative Director at Radio. That Tumblr presents photographs of collections, small or large, laid out in ways that makes them more about organization than function (and it’s very satisfying).

    Although Slack exists in the digital world, Radio brought their composition into the real world, using visual identifiers, like paper texture and magnifying glasses, to give us something to connect to when looking at the work. “It’s the old versus new,” explains Byron. “The way we communicate now and how it happened 20-30 years has changed immensely, so it’s nice to bring a bit of that paper feeling back to a digital platform.” As generations of digitally native workers come to innovate in the workplace, there’s no longer a line between digital and analogue. They’re not separate for those who have lived in a world with both of them, so it makes sense that Radio wouldn’t shy from using the two aesthetics in a single space.

    Radio wasn’t just the right creative group to use because they understand aesthetics – they also understand digital communication. They do their work in teams spread out all over the world. And you’ll never guess who makes that possible. “We use Slack in the studio its a huge help running all our jobs as we have the two studios in London and Cape Town so it definitely streamlines our work flow,” Byron explains. It’s a product they understand, in a world they know, so they present it in the best way they can: truthfully.

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