• 10.28.13

    Preview: 'Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith,' Edited by Alan Aboud

    London's Design Museum asked Alan Aboud to edit Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith ($65, Rizzoli), the book accompaniment to its forthcoming exhibit of the same name.  

    "Originally, Rizzoli had commissioned ABOUD CREATIVE to work on the design, but thanks to my knowledge of the brand after partnering with it for 25 years, the publisher brought me on as editor," explained Aboud. "I've been involved in so many of [Paul Smith's] projects from the beginning ... he was my agency's first creative partner, in 1989. We've continued to work with him uninterrupted until now as the brand's guardians. We oversee the communications – the design, typography, and photographs for everything that goes out – campaigns, and identities for shows and exhibitions."  

    Both Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum, and Donna Loveday, head of curatorial, contributed texts to the tome. "Deyan wrote an essay about coming across Paul Smith in the seventies and Donna did an editorial piece called 'A Story So Far,' " Aboud said. "In terms of pictorial content, there are sections on the archives, collections, shops, overall image, and more." He added that his team was also tasked with creating the graphic ident of the exhibit: "It was tricky to carry that through to the book, which is ostensibly the catalog of the exhibition, but was designed before the exhibition was done."  

    Aboud noted that the show is "not a retrospective; it's a mark in the sand reflecting where Paul Smith is at the moment. The Design Museum last featured the brand in 1996 [with 'True Brit'] and the company has changed significantly since then ... it's a totally different entity."

    Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith goes on sale tomorrow. The exhibit runs from November 15, 2013 to March 9, 2014.

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