• 5.11.15

    Polyester Studio Gets Engaging with Deloitte

    Talking about retirement isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but in many ways that’s the problem. Since few are that excited to talk about it, as a culture we are increasingly ill prepared for that era of our lives. It doesn’t have to be that way. Not only can we start making plans for our later life chapters, but we can talk about it in engaging ways. The financial powerhouse Deloitte is sensitive to this under employed financial sector and wanted to engage with customers on the topic of retirement. They teamed up with Polyester Studio to create an animated spot about retirement that was both informative and engaging.

    Polyester makes their work character based whenever they can, drawing out all aspects of their creations from a narrative, ensuring a cohesive product. It is the small hints that they gain from developing those characters that end up casting a light over the rest of the project, keeping it in line with what the client requires. For this latest project with Deloitte, that’s exactly how the process went. “We’ll usually develop characters, and then from there we use the style of character to flush the rest of the spot for the backgrounds and everything else,” explains Jeremy Dimmock, Co-Founder of Polyester Studio. “From there we went crazy with the blue color palate for the corporate colors and accented it with some nice touches.”

    When it comes to developing these characters, Polyester looks over all the materials that the clients give them. But a lot of times, the clients have something in mind when they come to the studio in the first place. “Usually clients have seen stuff that we’ve done before that they liked and we use that as a basis,” says Jeremy. “A lot of it also comes from the script and what’s appropriate for the client. Deloitte wanted to humanize it as much as possible.” By bringing in the human element for Deloitte’s spot, viewers are able to see themselves in the figures on screen, relating to these situations that may not be the most exciting, but are very important.

    All of this development, character work, and color balancing is in service to the message. By creating a cohesive aesthetic environment, Polyester has built a platform on which to entertain their viewers, even when talking about retirement planning. “When you’re doing something that is for information instead of entertainment, if you can make that information as entertaining as possible then you’ve succeeded,” explains Jeremy. “You can actually help viewers remember what’s in that information by doing a great job on the animation and visuals.” Whether it’s the friendly characters, the dynamic animations, or clever composition, Polyester is able to use their skills to draw us in. And without even noticing we’ve begun to think about our own financial futures.


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