• 6.29.15

    Polyester Makes Limitations an Asset for Smile Train

    Every year more than 170-thousand children are born with cleft lips or cleft palates. These conditions make it difficult or impossible for them to eat, breathe, or speak properly. And, as non-profit Smile Train points out, it also hinders their smiles. Smile Train uses their donations to provide surgeries for as many of these children as possible enabling them to lead rich and productive lives without being encumbered by the disability they were born with. 

    Just recently, Smile Train teamed up with Polyester Studio to help get their message out there. That message? That Smile Train makes more smiles possible. As they tell it, every child smiles as much as 400 times a day so they should look and feel their best. Every dollar that Smile Train receives helps them reach out to as many kids as possible. The themes of Smile Train’s work is neither easy nor cheerful, but when the non-profit is successful it can be a celebration. That’s where they started with Polyester: to bring a piece that highlighted the joy and hope of their work. It is a short and condensed piece, but full of bright imagery. A delightful deluge of smiling children one after another flash over the screen in a very limited color palate. It is a celebration of joy and laughter in a short amount of time, and a reminder of the benefits of Smile Train’s work.

    Limits, like the narrow color palette of the spot, are rarely considered a blessing when we think about placing boundaries on art. But Jeremy Dimmock from Polyester says that they can actually help an artist reach potential. “The more restrictions you put on creative people, the more it allows them to push further in other areas,” he explains. Polyester was limited in the amount of time they had for the final piece, but also by the color palate. They were only allowed white, and two blues. But because of these limitations it makes the piece communicate better. By excising the excess, it clarifies the message. “It doesn’t seem totally chaotic because it’s such a wonderfully limited palette and it is so nicely graphic,” says Jeremy. “The limitations kind of give direction, letting us know what we have to do and go for it.”

    This spot is just one of a collection of pieces they're completing for the non-profit. We've included another one of the fruits of this ongoing collaboration.

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