• 8.13.13

    Polyester Asks: 'What Makes You Happy?'

    Polyester Studio interrupted its regularly scheduled programming to create an animated short called "What Makes You Happy?" 

    Jeremy Dimmock, Bob Zagorskis, and their crew, first figured out what makes them smile before developing the sixteen characters in the clip, who are: swimming, bike-riding, swinging, belching, going for a walk with friends, blowing bubbles, hanging out with pets, hanging out solo, bouncing around, catching a lift with a buddy, having a surprise visitor, strumming an air guitar, making a mess, dancing, eating, and making love.

    "My personal favorite is the last one – they're 'making love,' but they just have hearts coming out of their heads," Dimmock said. "I guess it all depends on what you like to do ... if you enjoy burping, then you might like the burping one best."

    Polyester devoted two weeks to the project and each cartoon scene also works as a GIF. 

    Music: Roger Lima of whitenoiselab.com

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