• 9.19.13

    Polyester and Crime Stoppers Protect You With UFOs, Bears

    Crime Stoppers Canada asked Polyester Studio to imagine the precautions the group takes to keep a person anonymous when he or she sends in a tip. "In terms of direction, we were told to make up our own series of events ... we worked with the DDB team on what would happen in the different scenes and the many humorous ways of destroying the identity of the tipster," explained Polyester's Bob Zagorskis and Jeremy Dimmock.

    For Polyester, Crime Stoppers' process involves a UFO, a belching bear, and an axe-wielding chef, packed into a minute-long clip mostly done with traditional claymation and fabricated props. "I think the biggest challenge was knowing how far we could push the gross/humor factor for the audience and still be true to the message," Dimmock added. By the time that the bear's guts are catapulted into outer space, it becomes clear: When you leave a tip, you leave no trace.

    Agency: DDB Canada
    Client: Crimestoppers Canada
    Music and sound design: Grayson Matthews

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