• 1.30.17

    Platon Gets Up Close and Personal with Fiverr

    A goal without a plan is just a wish. 

    We learned this first from the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, but the lesson is relearned every day by every entrepreneur and self-starter. It’s not enough to want something, you have to go out and get it. And that means taking action. Fiverr knows a little bit about this. Fiverr is a marketplace that connects freelancers with those who need their services, making it a go-to for anyone who’s starting something big but needs the smaller pieces in place first. “Thinking big is still just thinking” is splashed across one of the images from the brand’s latest campaign, all on top of photographs captured by Platon. Under the logo is the tagline “In doers we trust.” It’s a reminder that ideas are cheap, anyone can have ideas, but in our economy, in our world, nothing counts until you do what needs to be done. If anyone knows this it’s Platon.

    Platon has made a career of photographing doers. His most recognizable images are of Presidents like Obama, Putin, and Clinton. But more than that, he’s photographed Civil Rights heroes, political agitators, and artists the world over. 

    Platon’s portraits make up one part of a multifaceted campaign that includes videos, lifestyle imagery, and more. Having Platon come in for portraits it’s a no brainer thanks to his honed skill of revealing the truth behind what makes his subjects function. Whether it’s finding the lion behind the empathetic eyes of Edward Snowden, or the renegade in the face of a freelancer, he can find it all and fit it in a single frame. We just have to be willing to see it and let him change our perception.

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