• 11.27.13

    Photographer Marcus Bleasdale Turns Spokesman for Canon

    B&A's Marcus Bleasdale stepped in front of the camera for Canon's Support Matters campaign.

    "Canon wanted to find a photographer who had switched to its system and would like to discuss the reasoning," said Bleasdale. "I put together a proposal showing why I made the change, what type of impact it had on my work as a photojournalist, and how Canon's support had saved – quite literally – my career at certain points."

    Bleasdale was one of three artists selected by the brand; aside from his self-portrait, he captured fashion and beauty photographer Gabrielle Revere, another "spokesperson," for her advertisement. He also sat for a short video testimonial, which features footage of him and his gear, along with several of his images.

    Following some laughter, he described himself as uncomfortable during his photo shoot. "I was thinking, 'Do I make people feel like this all of the time?' But it was great fun and very educational. I'm used to working on my own, in the bush in Africa, and for this, I was on the streets of New York City surrounded by 40 people," Bleasdale remarked.

    However, he didn't hesitate to speak of his loyalty to Canon. "It's rewarding to be able to engage with the products you use every day and share how much they mean to you, because they do mean a lot," he noted. "These cameras and lenses built the foundations of my business and I love using them, so the campaign was a fantastic opportunity to talk about it."

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